Learning to fly an aircraft offers a degree of freedom that few people are privy to. Soaring in the boundless expanse of the sky and being at the helm of the aircraft presents you with unmatched confidence. Besides, learning to fly a helicopter also unlocks several career options and is a gateway to an attractive lifelong career pursuit.

If you are ready for the experience, contact our flight school in Bakersfield. Ours is an experienced aviation training facility in Bakersfield. We specialize in functioning as a helicopter flight school, assisting students in obtaining flying licenses in various capabilities. We are an FAA-approved organization staffed by experienced instructors covering all types of helicopter flying certificates. You are invited to verify the experience of our instructors at the AOPA (Aircrafts Owner and Pilots Association) database. In addition, you can cross-check the expertise of our instructors at the SAFE (Society for Aviation and Flight Educators) database. Such adherence to a high level of transparency makes us one of the most reliable flight schools in the state. 

Our Mission

Our business mission is to help aspiring candidates earn their certificates in flight lessons according to their personal objectives.

Our flight school can assist you in obtaining a private pilot license while you learn at your own pace. You can also choose one of our structured training modules and earn the certificate as a commercial helicopter license.

In addition, we also facilitate instrument rating training to help candidates become highly efficient pilots. Most of our alumni have established themselves as successful career pilots all over the country. Many of our students have grown to be highly efficient private pilots.

We also have some of our former students establish themselves as successful pilots in several international organizations.

​In short, no matter what your career ambitions are, we can assist you in reaching your full potential at our flight school in Bakersfield.    

Our Vision ​

Our vision encompasses our ambition to be a leading flight school not only in California, but all over the country. We have put in place all the arrangements to achieve this vision and are extremely confident in our capabilities. ​We rely on the expertise of our instructors, who are fully capable of guiding a new student towards being an able pilot. Ours is predominantly an online organization, and we use the most advanced flight simulators to help students master their aviation skills. We aim to be one of the most reputed online flight schools, concurrent with our vision for the future. However, we have all the arrangements ready, even if you prefer the direct classroom coaching style to learn with hands-on experience. 

Aspiring students are encouraged tomake a personal visit to our facility before you choose us to be your flight partners. We take pride in maintaining a neat and tidy facility. Besides, at our flight school in Bakersfield, we regularly undertake maintenance checks on our aircraft before they carry you to the skies. Your safety is our priority, and we check the aircraft regularly to ensure that they are safe for imparting training lessons. This attention to safety makes us one of the best flight schools online.

Flexible Training Modules ​

The Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) assigns two different modes of flight training. These modes are specified in FAR Part 61 and Part 141. Both programs teach the same practical test standards specified by the FAA. However, Part 61 is more flexible, allowing the instructors the liberty to follow any training method as he sees fit. On the other hand, Part 141 is more structured, and it follows a standard training curriculum approved by the FAA.

Part 61 is more suitable for obtaining the private pilot certificate, where you fly an aircraft for recreational purposes. Besides, it is more convenient as the learner can assimilate the lessons at his own pace. Part 141 is primarily chosen by candidates who are trying to get a commercial pilot license. Many aspiring candidates ask us which is better, Part 61 or Part 141. The simple answer to this question is that both methods have their peculiarities, but in the end, you learn the same skills. Therefore, it essentially depends on your temperament and personal objectives to select which method is best for you. At our Bakersfield helicopter flight school, we have both options. 

Obtain your Commercial Pilot Certificate

​You would need your commercial pilot certificate to apply your skills to get an aviation job. Commercial pilot training is more advanced than private pilot licensure. The training includes lessons in advanced aerodynamics and helicopter power management.

The training also focuses on developing landing skills without a heliport and the use of good judgment while piloting. 

Obtain your Private Pilot Certificate ​

The private pilot certificate is a sought-after license by those who intend to undertake flight training for recreational purposes. The training ensures that you fly the helicopter for solo enjoyment or to take friends and family members on joyrides. We cover all aspects of a private pilot certificate before you become ready to take that first solo flight. ​Our training covers basic helicopter operations and how to make safe night flights. We will also equip you with the necessary skills lest you want to undertake cross-country navigation on the helicopter. 

Obtain the Instrument Rating

The instrument rating is a sought-after skill set, especially when looking forward to a career as a commercial pilot. Instrument rating ensures that the pilot is able to maneuver the helicopter even in low visibility conditions safely. We employ realistic flight simulations coupled with real-world practice sessions to ensure pilots are confident of flying in low visibility conditions. Most commercial aviation employers nowadays want to know if the pilot has a proper instrument rating.

On completion of each phase of the training, the pilot must prove his ability to fly a helicopter on his own under the given conditions. The FAR Part 141 training module specifies a minimum of 35 hours of flight training and 30 hours of ground training before you can fly an aircraft by yourself. 

Why should you consider Flight School Bakersfield?

Our faculty have many years of experience both in teaching and operating helicopters. They guide you to become the best version as a future professional. They ensure you stay thorough with the safety guidelines.

​Moreover, our courses are designed to remain aligned with the ongoing changes in the operations of helicopters. ​This makes our students develop an understanding of even the minute details. The helicopter courses have accreditation that gives the assurance of their validity. We offer placements, and you can get a head start on a prestigious career that involves the operation of helicopters. Our team utilizes meaningful collaborations to offer meaningful aviation career opportunities.