Flight School Bakersfield aims to fulfill your dream of exploring the skies. That is why we provide the best for you so that you can be the best in the sky and explore all you want.

For students
We like to keep all channels of communication open for our students or future ones. This lets us stay connected 24*7 and operate with full transparency. For any queries regarding joining our flight programs, please feel free to drop us a mail. We usually reply within a day. In case of any delay, we are deeply regretful. You can also call us during working hours on weekdays. Besides, you can visit us if having a discussion deems more suitable for you. We would like to answer your queries so that you can have a hassle-free joining at Flight School Bakersfield. But, we remain closed during holidays in California. So, we suggest you keep all your initiatives to contact restricted to usual working days.

For industry collaborations
Flight School Bakersfield believes collaboration is the best way to achieve meaningful outcomes. If you are willing to collaborate with Flight School Bakersfield, please reach out to us on working days during office hours. You can either drop a mail or call us.

For research collaborations

Research lets us stay at the forefront of innovation. Flight School Bakersfield believes research is the fuel that keeps the aviation industry dynamic and highly evolving. We would feel highly privileged to be a part of intriguing yet impactful research projects.
​For any queries regarding research collaborations, drop us a mail. You can also call us during business hours on working days.

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