How long is flight school going to take to make me a professional pilot? This is the most obvious question among the applicants at our Flight school Bakersfield. The duration will vary depending on the course you are choosing, your aptitude, performance, ability to learn quickly, and overall self-discipline. So, despite having the requisite of completing minimum hours, you may need more hours than the standard time to complete a program. Each of our programs demands a different time, and here, we will discuss each program to help you understand the span. 

How Long is Flight School Taking to Issue a Private Pilot License?

A private pilot license or PPL is a certification program to make one able to be the pilot-in-command for a private aircraft. The International Civil Aviation Organization or ICAO has set a guideline for getting/issuing a private pilot license. However, along with the ICAO rules, we also follow the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA.

According to ICAO, a person is eligible to get a PPL after completing a minimum of 40 hours of flight. However, according to part 141 of Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, the minimum flight time for getting a PLL is 35 hours. Along with completing the flight time, you have to pass several written exams and complete flying a cross-country solo flight. You have to complete at least 10 hours of solo flight time to quality.

​Additionally, you will have to appear for a flight test, including viva, where you will have to convince the examiners of your flying skills. At the end of this program, you will get a PPL certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration in the USA. 

How Long is Flight School Time to Get Instrument Rating?

​If you want to fly under the Instrument Flight Rules,  you will need an instrument rating. This instrument rating is also necessary if you want to qualify for flying under the Special Visual Flight Rules or SVFR. This program is much beyond getting a private pilot license or commercial pilot license.

​This program is designed to prepare you for flying in the most adverse weather conditions. It also makes you an expert in instrumental approaches and aeronautical decision-making. Our training and testing consist of written and practical exams. Following the popular norms in the USA, we call it a check ride at Flight school Bakersfield. According to section 61.65 of the Federal Aviation Regulation, you will have to complete 50 hours as a cross-country pilot in command. Additionally, you will have to finish an actual or simulated instrument time of 40 hours and a flight instruction of fifteen hours. 

How Long is Flight School Taking to Issue a Commercial Pilot License?

The International Civil Aviation Organization and FAA have very definite guidelines about issuing a commercial pilot license. We offer commercial pilot training and certifications following the 141 and 61 parts of the FAA guidelines.

For training under part 61, you will have to complete 250 hours as a pilot with 20 hours of guided and 10 hours of solo flight. According to part 141, the training time will be at least 150 hours with 55 hours of guided and 10 hours of solo flight.

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Why should you consider Flight School Bakersfield?

Our faculty have many years of experience both in teaching and operating helicopters. They guide you to become the best version as a future professional. They ensure you stay thorough with the safety guidelines.

​Moreover, our courses are designed to remain aligned with the ongoing changes in the operations of helicopters. ​This makes our students develop an understanding of even the minute details. The helicopter courses have accreditation that gives the assurance of their validity. We offer placements, and you can get a head start on a prestigious career that involves the operation of helicopters. Our team utilizes meaningful collaborations to offer meaningful aviation career opportunities.