Dealing with helicopters or flying makes up for an ambitious goal. But, you need proper guidance and learning. Helicopters operate at different pressure levels and low heights compared to airplanes. This is thrilling but comes with constant challenges. So, handling these require any professional to be adept at the challenging aspect of the career. As a helicopter flight school, we take great measures to ensure you know how to deal with these challenges.

Our Teachers​

Operating or flying a helicopter calls special expertise. This requires having a proper understanding of helicopters, flight routes, and other aspects. Knowing these, our team of teachers and instructors impart education in a way so that you can be well-equipped as a helicopter professional. Besides, they have developed effective and unique course content. For having hands-on experience, they emphasize you are having sufficient flight hours. This increases your chances of entering prestigious jobs.

Our Students​

They are given a choice to select electives based on their interests. But, the duration, education fees, and training time may vary. They develop into knowledgeable and expert professionals. Besides, they value safety as much as they value knowledge. They are thorough with the safety guidelines of operating or flying a helicopter.

Their training lets them meet the elite standards of being a professional in the aviation industry. Also, our students are widespread in dynamic areas. We are privileged to have learners who aspire to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Helicopter Pilot Training

Helicopters are more adventurous and fun compared to airplanes. Operations of the former may seem a bit more complex than that of the latter. But, as you get habituated, you will find it less complex. However, it calls for different skills.

Keeping this in mind, we have developed training programs that help you to become an expert yet safe and responsible professional. These come with effective duration. Our focus lies in giving you the right balance of knowledge and training. We ensure students get a proper grasp of the controls of the helicopter. Besides, our trainers guide you to develop expertise in different operating modes of the helicopter.

We also offer virtual courses among the online flight schools in the US. The study programs are designed to equip budding professionals with the required knowledge and expertise. Among the other​ flight schools online, we operate with absolute precision to ensure you get the optimum value from your certificate courses.

Why should you consider Flight School Bakersfield?

Our faculty have many years of experience both in teaching and operating helicopters. They guide you to become the best version as a future professional. They ensure you stay thorough with the safety guidelines.

​Moreover, our courses are designed to remain aligned with the ongoing changes in the operations of helicopters. ​This makes our students develop an understanding of even the minute details. The helicopter courses have accreditation that gives the assurance of their validity. We offer placements, and you can get a head start on a prestigious career that involves the operation of helicopters. Our team utilizes meaningful collaborations to offer meaningful aviation career opportunities.