Have you ever wanted something that lets you feel both passionate and fearful? Maybe that’s what wanting to touch the sky feels like.
Moreover, the feeling of being at the top and getting to see the world below is the best experience you can have in life. One career that lets you have all these includes becoming a pilot. However, it is not different from pursuing any other course or profession. It requires a lot of passion and implies the possibility of sacrifice, like staying away from home. But, sacrifices like these seem trivial compared to the passion of having a flight career.

Moreover, it gives you a meaningful and versatile career. That feels rewarding and purposeful. But, learning the science of aviation comes with a lot of nitty-gritty details. Keeping this in mind, we at Flight School Bakersfield prioritize the value of expertise and passion. We know what you need to get a head start in your career. This mindset resonates in everything, starting from our courses to facilities.

We know what it feels like to have the goal of pursuing a flight career. You need experience, expertise, and knowledge. Flight School Bakersfield gives you all three. You start having hands-on experience right from your initial days here. Our team takes great care in deciding how and what to teach, and this gives you the knowledge and expertise you need. Also, we hold necessary accreditation and academic certificates that ensure the validity of our courses. Join our flight programs and courses and see yourself getting transformed into a responsible, knowledgeable, and expert aviation professional.

Our Classes​

We aim to keep the timing of our classes flexible. This helps students to integrate their academic programs into their schedules easily.

​Besides, the classes include both theory programs and training sessions. We attach equal significance to both these. Also, to prevent our students from feeling overwhelmed, we prioritize effective breaks. This helps in keeping their concentration and efforts intact. Moreover, among the other flight schools online, Flight School Bakersfield carries out virtual classes having effective duration. The online degree programs are designed to become an expert sitting from anywhere in the world.

As one of the online flight schools, we understand pursuing an online flight course may seem ineffective. But, our tight-knit team and great attention to detail will never make being virtual an obstacle in the path of learning.

Our Students​

What makes Flight School Bakersfield proud is its students. Their dedication to becoming a pilot is an impressive example that lets us stay motivated. They emerge as capable professionals in the promising field of aviation in the future.

Their achievements enable us to touch on important milestones in the academic world of aviation. Besides, they emphasize not only being proficient but also becoming a responsible pilot or aviation professional. They operate with the right balance of knowledge, expertise, and adherence to safety measures.

These let them become the industry leaders of tomorrow. Also, guided by our placement cell, they get good jobs in the aviation industry. If they want, they can opt for higher education after their final year of graduation.

Our Curriculum and Courses​

Being an aviation professional necessitates having good mechanical and mathematical skills. This implies designing courses and curricula that let you develop the required skills and competence. Keeping this in mind, we have been implementing not bulky but effective knowledge.

Besides, the curriculum and courses in Flight School Bakersfield are upgraded with the new changes in the aviation industry. We follow an updated syllabus that lets our students and trainees stay updated with emerging trends. This equips them with all the necessary elements to become an expert pilot. Moreover, Flight School Bakersfield has developed specialized courses for flying helicopters. Also, helicopters operate with different flying mechanisms. Prioritizing this, we as a helicopter flight school attach immense importance to the guidelines for students.

As a  flight school, we feel driven to operate with updated safety guidelines. We go to great lengths to incorporate these into our curriculum. This lets our students develop not only into successful but also responsible professionals. Our students can select courses and programs based on their interests and preference for course fees. To earn a specialization in desired domains, you need to opt for both training and theoretical classes.

Our Teachers and Instructors

They are highly trained and educated, and this enables them to impart the correct balance of training and theoretical knowledge you need. Besides, they operate with the right amount of strictness and flexibility to guide you towards having a successful flight career. Their years of experience enable them to help you acquire sufficient knowledge and expertise. Moreover, pursuing a course in flight schools necessitates getting thorough with many rules and regulations.    In this context, teachers, and instructors at Flight School Bakersfield put in their best efforts so that you get accustomed well to the regulations of flying a plane. 

Besides, they play a key role in designing the courses and training. Keeping in mind the required knowledge you need to have, they frame the coursework.

​Moreover, pursuing a career in the aviation industry implies having a strong grasp of the principles of flight. This encompasses knowing important aspects of physics, geography, and geometry. Prioritizing this fact, teachers and instructors at Flight School Bakersfield enable you to acquire not only sufficient but effective knowledge.

​Also, their way of teaching anything ranging from easy to difficult guide the students in developing an effective learning process. Their dedication and hard work help you to turn your passion into a career.

Our Staff

They are the catalysts in keeping the operations running and hassle-free in Flight School Bakersfield. They handle important activities starting from admission, registrations, and other official work. Starting from students to teachers, all seek their help. Also, their dedication and round-the-clock service keep all the departments in Flight School Bakersfield functioning. Without them, we would not have managed to accomplish our goal of creating ambitious pilots. They help us to keep up with our noble vision. Their role seems an indispensable factor in the success we have achieved so far.​

Why should you consider Flight School Bakersfield?

Our faculty have many years of experience both in teaching and operating helicopters. They guide you to become the best version as a future professional. They ensure you stay thorough with the safety guidelines.

​Moreover, our courses are designed to remain aligned with the ongoing changes in the operations of helicopters. ​This makes our students develop an understanding of even the minute details. The helicopter courses have accreditation that gives the assurance of their validity. We offer placements, and you can get a head start on a prestigious career that involves the operation of helicopters. Our team utilizes meaningful collaborations to offer meaningful aviation career opportunities.